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Business Intelligence – Now More Than Ever!

Business Intelligence – Now More Than Ever!

I was at Sapphire 2009 last week and enjoyed getting a chance to talk with customers about their priorities in the new economic climate.  Everyone is hoping that things will turn around soon but in the meantime, there was a lot of interest around Business Intelligence and the best way to get all the information necessary to make the best business decisions.  Each day organizations are being forced to make hard choices and those choices need to be based on ALL the available  information available – not just hunches and best guesses.  More organizations have the information they need but they haven’t fully plugged into the power of Business Intelligence.

Market research shows two important two facts (previous reported by BusinessWeek):
• 43% of users say they’re not sure if internal information is accurate information
• 77% said bad decisions had been made because of lack of information

Now it the wrong time to make decisions on based gut feel, with inadequate information. Companies are looking to Business Intelligence tools to not only show them how to cut costs, but also how to model data for the future.  Regardless of what Business Intelligence platform you use, now is the time to leverage it to the fullest.

Here is a great follow-up article from BusinessWeek:

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