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RapidDecision Provides Rapid JD Edwards Expertise

If you are using JD Edwards, there is only ONE NAME to know in Business Intelligence. That name is RapidDecision.

RapidDecision does an amazing job helping organizations unlock the information in their JD Edwards systems.  RapidDecision has done it over and over again.  They are true experts, helping organizations bring their delivery dates forward instead of pushing them back.  They have helped over 200 customers bring a BI Solutions to market.

So what’s their secret?

The Secret to RapidDecision

The secret is really no secret at all.  They know exactly what it takes to bring organizations a successful BI solutions; that’s why they’ve managed to build a unique and comprehensive solution over many years.  Their solution is make up of three key components:

  • Data Model
  • Application Mappings
  • BI Content

RapidDecision Workflow

In my case, I’ve been lucky enough to work with RapidDecision first hand.  They are professional and have great products and services.  Although SAP BusinessObjects has prepackaged datamarts, similar to the solution from JD Edwards, I rarely sold them. I always recommended RapidDecision.  Their datamarts are comprehensive and complete.  At last count there were 18 datamarts covering everything from Accounts Receivable & Asset-LifeCycle Management to Work Order… and because the datamarts use a database best practice called conformed dimensions, the datamarts work together instead of in silos!

RapidDecision has enhanced their datamarts regularly over many years to meet changing needs and after the years of success they have enjoyed, I can say that leveraging their data model against JD Edwards, Lawson or PeopleSoft is a best practice.

Time to Value

So how long before you start seeing value?  As soon as the your datamart is loaded, RapidDecision provides a suite of pre-built subject-specific reports and queries as a starting point.  Just as they have perfected their data mart over time, they are now delivering additional analytic applications based on customer demand.  Why try and build your own data warehouse when RapidDecision has already done the work for you?  I remember my college CS professor saying:

If you can buy an application that meets your needs, it’s always cheaper than building it yourself.

If you have a look at RapidDecision, you will find that they can and will meet your BI reporting needs.

… and if you aren’t using SAP BusinessObjects BI tools?  No problem.  They support a number of BI tools on the market today.

For More Information

For more information about RapidDecision (aka Andrews Consulting), I recommend their website.  There you can see customer testimonials from customers like Johnson Diversey.

There are also some excellent whitepapers here:



For customers using JD Edwards, Lawson and PeopleSoft, RapidDecision is one partner you can put your trust in.

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