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Manually Starting Services

Even though the SIA has been setup to automatically start services, another alternative is to control the starting of these services through scripts. One colleague of mine setup his BusinessObjects Enterprise SIA so that only the CMS and the FRS Input and Output services started up automatically.  All other services were setup to start manually.

In his experience, this made the starting of the SIA require less resources making startup (even) less error-prone that it already is.

Batch File for Starting Services

Below I have included all the contents of the batch file which you can download here.  Enjoy…

«Good BI»

:: Cleaning up
del /f /q "C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsBusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0Logging*.log

:: Starting up dependencies
net start "SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)" 

:: CMS configured to startup automatically with SIA
:: See Control Panel Services for startup configuration (automatic)
net start "Server Intelligence Agent (cdi6BOE)"
net start "Apache Tomcat 5.5.20"

:: add timeout to allow CMS to initialize
:: sleep 90

cd "C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsBusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0win32_x86"
:: CMS and FRS configured to startup automatically with SIA
:: (CMC > Servers > Properties)
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.CentralManagementServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.InputFileRepository
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.OutputFileRepository
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.AdaptiveProcessingServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DestinationJobServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.EventServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.ProgramJobServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.PublicationJobServer

:: Crystal Reports
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.CrystalReportsCacheServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.CrystalReportsJobServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.CrystalReportsProcessingServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.ListOfValuesJobServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.ReportApplicationServer

:: Desktop Intelligence
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.ConnectionServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DesktopIntelligenceCacheServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DesktopIntelligenceJobServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DesktopIntelligenceProcessingServer

:: Performance Management
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DashboardAnalyticsServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.DashboardServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.PMMetricsServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.PMRepositoryServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.PMRulesServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.PredictiveAnalysisServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.ProcessAnalysisServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.SetsProfileServer
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.SetsQueryServer

:: Voyager
:: ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.MultiDimensionalAnalysisServicesServer

:: Web Intelligence
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.AdaptiveJobServer
ccm.exe -managedstart cdi6BOE.WebIntelligenceProcessingServer
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  1. April 19th, 2009 at 07:23 | #1

    Interesting post as I’ve been experiemnting with process monitoring etc for XI3.1.
    Just one question around this script though – how does one pass the logon credentials?

    • May 15th, 2009 at 11:03 | #2


      I’m interested to hear more. (Sorry for the delayed response). What is the problem you are having? Have you not modified the username/password within the service itself? Are you not logged into the box with administrator access? Tell me a little more about your environment, because I’ve never had a problem with the logon credentials.


  2. Darko
    September 29th, 2009 at 05:59 | #3


    Great post. I found it out just yesterday when I was searching for the solution to my problem(s). I have 2 problems actually!!

    I have BO XI R2 and my CMS has the startup type set to automatic, but will not start automatic (all other services go up normal, and when I start it manually everything is OK).
    I put the SQL Server 2005 dependency for my CMS and restared my computer but the CMS still didn’t get up.. Here I am a bit speechless.. Here is the screenshot : http://img8.imageshack.us/i/picturegz.jpg/

    The other problem (not on my laptop) is also on Bo XI R2 but the system is a cluster with 2 nodes. The CMS can not be started on both nodes because everything would mess-up. So the setup is done that the CMS starts manually, but it would be best if one CMS could be started automatically if the other one is stopped. Is this possible??

    If you have any ideas, much appreciated..


  3. Shan
    April 10th, 2015 at 14:02 | #4


    you said the server was setup so that only CMS and FRS I/o are started automatically.
    could you please explain how this is achieved.
    my setup does not use webi/deski/mdas/dashboard/adaptive.
    its a pain using the UI to set them Not to autostart.

    Im looking for a script to not start these servers (or start only those i want).

    BTW, im using XI 3.1 SP2.


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