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BusinessObjects Collaboration

February 1st, 2011 2 comments

So I wrote recently about Idea Place as a great way to share your ideas with the SAP Developers.  Hopefully you’ve all gotten signed up and had a chance to long some of your best ideas ever.  Ideas which will quickly see SAP BusinessObjects rocket to the top of the BI charts.

… so here’s my idea.

IDEA # 2630:  What about creating a link in every viewer (e.g. Crystal, WebI, Xcelsius) to allow users to quickly and easily share access to an important report are piece of information?

Impact of Social Media

Isn’t it true that the ability to find information, collaborate and make decisions is what Business Intelligence is all about?  Hasn’t SAP been talking more and more about collaborative decision making through Streamwork?  Isn’t is also true that more and more organizations are seeing the value of collaboration – not just within a BI Environment, but also from outside with solutions like Yammer?

SAP BusinessObjects Collaboration Today

SAP BusinessObjects has had the ability to do collaboration from within the BI environment from some time via Discussions.  Unfortunately, the functionality was never really given the attention it needs.  It lacks:

  • The ability to automatically notify interested parties of the posted comment
  • The ability to easily access and leverage these InfoObjects via the SDK

Then there’s the ability to “Send To” a report.  I’ve never really understood this.  Why would I want to use email from within the BI environment.  Would I not want to have this feature fire-up my email client and insert a link into the body of the email?  To me, this approach seems a little old school… and besides there is no integration into your corporate address book for the To: and Cc: lists.

So far I haven’t seen any changes around collaboration for SAP BusinessObjects v4.0…

Send To Dialog


This screenshot from WebIntelligence shows us what we’ve all seen before.  I don’t know about you but “Send to Ftp” – Say what?

I wonder if they stripped the code out of the feature, if anyone would even notice.

My SAP BusinessObjects Collaboration Wish List

Some people are asking for integration with Twitter and Facebook, but to be honest, I can’t see that happening.  I don’t know anyone who uses Facebook for work.  (Although I know plenty of people who use it during work.)  So what does make sense?

I love opendocument!  It’s a capability that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but is a huge unsung hero.  Opendocument allows you to specify a set of parameters on the URL and as a result, open a specific instance of a report.

So what about the ability to be in ANY type of report content and for you to be able to click on a button and the system will generate an opendocument URL to your clipboard.

Wouldn’t that be cool?  I think so.

It would also be nice if SAP would then provide a URL shortener within the CMC that you could configure if you wanted URL shortening.

This would mean that regardless of what technology you chose to enable collaboration within your enterprise, you could quickly and easily reference SAP BusinessObjects content and include it in the discussion.

If you are scratching your head thinking you’ve seen this before, you’re not alone.  When Explorer was introduced, it provide two really nice features.  Bookmark and Email.  In Explorer, if you bookmark Explorer, when you click on the bookmark, the system will return you to exactly the same view you saw previously.  In the case of email – Explorer will provide a link to the Explorer page at the top of the email and then provide IN-LINE graphics and text, which represent the data you’ve been viewing.

Inline Report Content in Email

Yes – I know – this DOES introduce the potential of the email being sent to someone who’s not supposed to see the data, but at most organizations I’ve worked with, they would prefer the option of turning it off then not having it in the first place.

What’s on your BI collaboration wish list?

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SapphireNOW: Mobile Computing

May 26th, 2010 No comments

With the acquisition of Sybase, SAP moved strongly into the mobile applications market and is now positioned in the leadership quadrant according to Gartner.  As a result, SAP has a number of mobile applications that have robust functionality and integration with SAP CRM,  SAP Business Suite and more.  That said, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the wow-factor of Mellmo, the makers of RoamBI (pronounced Roam-Bee).

RoamBI Wows At Sapphire

I’ve blogged about RoamBI before, but at SapphireNOW, they were definitely creating a buzz.  I had the chance to work at the Executive Meeting Center.  There I had to opportunity to see first hand the reaction of corporate CIOs and VIPs to their software the iPhone and iPad devices.  They love them!  At first I was extremely skeptical that the iPhone/iPad devices will be able to  break into the corporate software market considering the pervasive presence of Blackberry devices.  Now I’m not so sure.  Users love the intuitive interface of the RoamBI application and several people made the comment that finally they had a device that senior executives can use.  Even Hasso Plattner, SAP’s cofounder demoed during his keynote using an iPad!

During his keynote at SapphireNOW, Hasso Plattner demos from an iPad

Clearly touchscreen devices are here to stay and Business Intelligence is a logical fit for getting tremendous insight and value at the speed of business.

RoamBI Demo

At SapphireNOW, RoamBI was using giant iPhones and iPads to demo their solutions.  They provide tremendous integration into SAP BusinessObjects, allowing customers to easily distribute reports, provide real-time updates and utilize an interface that is stunning in it’s function and simplicity.  Here is an iPhone demo from the floor of Sapphire.  It’s worth a look:

David Bercerra, co-founder of Mellmo, and Richard Reynolds, explaining how RoamBI works and how it connects to SAP BusinessObjects data sources.

They’ve also done an amazing job tailoring the interface for the iPad, but don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a demo from InformationWeek:

iPad Killer App

Partners like Mellmo mean that Business Intelligence never gets boring!  Most pundits still consider the iPad little more than a large iPhone, but it’s not about the device, it’s about the applications for the device and RoamBI is an iPad killer app.

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OnDemand Access on the iPhone

February 26th, 2010 2 comments

When Apple came out with the first iPhone, I was pretty amazed.  When corporate decided not to get us Blackberry’s I decided the time was right to get the new iPhone 3G.  I wondered how long the magic would last… 2 months?  maybe 3?  18 months later I’m as in love with my iPhone as ever…   Each day there are new apps.  I’ve got apps for twitter, shazam, memo recording, dictionary, tv listings, the list goes on and on.  Even though I can’t get corporate email “pushed” to my InBox, I don’t care.  My iPhone is WAY too much fun.

Now the fun has been extended to  BI for the iPhone.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPhone

Back in December of 2009, the Innovation Center released the first prototype iPhone App which provided the same ease-of-use exploration capability that I had with the web version.  The only problem with the prototype version was that it came with a predefined sample dataset that couldn’t be changed.  It was a fun to demo and play with but wasn’t of much practical use.  That all changed 4 days ago.

iPhone Goes OnDemand

Today I downloaded version 1.1.233 which contains on important new feature.  Now I can access any datasets  that I have loaded up using my SAP OnDemand Account.  It’s great to see this solution taking shape.

Key Features
Search Across Data – Simply type in a few words or data elements and Explorer brings your data source to the top of the list.
Automatic Data Relevancy and Chart Generation – Have Explorer automatically bring the most relevant data element to the fore and generate a best fit chart based on the number of dimensions and measures.
Speed – Because the back-end data sources are index in memory, result are instantaneous.  Performance is perfect.
Share Results – your results can be instantly email your insights to other users who don’t have access to Explorer!

iPhone Demo

Here is a video that was posted by the SAP Innovation Center.

Please let the innovation center know what you think about these innovations.  Let’s bring it into the mainstream product by popular demand!  Email them:

Finding Out More…

If you are interested in additional information SAP BusinessObjects Explorer go here:

Want to try our OnDemand Solution free for 30 days?  go here:

If you are interested in other mobile solutions, you have to checkout RoamBI:

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