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OnDemand Access on the iPhone

February 26th, 2010 2 comments

When Apple came out with the first iPhone, I was pretty amazed.  When corporate decided not to get us Blackberry’s I decided the time was right to get the new iPhone 3G.  I wondered how long the magic would last… 2 months?  maybe 3?  18 months later I’m as in love with my iPhone as ever…   Each day there are new apps.  I’ve got apps for twitter, shazam, memo recording, dictionary, tv listings, the list goes on and on.  Even though I can’t get corporate email “pushed” to my InBox, I don’t care.  My iPhone is WAY too much fun.

Now the fun has been extended to  BI for the iPhone.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPhone

Back in December of 2009, the Innovation Center released the first prototype iPhone App which provided the same ease-of-use exploration capability that I had with the web version.  The only problem with the prototype version was that it came with a predefined sample dataset that couldn’t be changed.  It was a fun to demo and play with but wasn’t of much practical use.  That all changed 4 days ago.

iPhone Goes OnDemand

Today I downloaded version 1.1.233 which contains on important new feature.  Now I can access any datasets  that I have loaded up using my SAP OnDemand Account.  It’s great to see this solution taking shape.

Key Features
Search Across Data – Simply type in a few words or data elements and Explorer brings your data source to the top of the list.
Automatic Data Relevancy and Chart Generation – Have Explorer automatically bring the most relevant data element to the fore and generate a best fit chart based on the number of dimensions and measures.
Speed – Because the back-end data sources are index in memory, result are instantaneous.  Performance is perfect.
Share Results – your results can be instantly email your insights to other users who don’t have access to Explorer!

iPhone Demo

Here is a video that was posted by the SAP Innovation Center.

Please let the innovation center know what you think about these innovations.  Let’s bring it into the mainstream product by popular demand!  Email them:

Finding Out More…

If you are interested in additional information SAP BusinessObjects Explorer go here:

Want to try our OnDemand Solution free for 30 days?  go here:

If you are interested in other mobile solutions, you have to checkout RoamBI:

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Walking Through SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

September 16th, 2009 3 comments

Today I attended the GABOUG quarterly meeting and saw a really nice presentation of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer by Rob Fiorillo of RFP Consulting.  He showed multiple demos.

During the first demo, he wanted to show how to use Explorer with data from Excel, so he used Live Office to take the data out of the EDW.  He then imported the data into SAP BusinessObjects Explorer using the new plug-in from labs called, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer with Excel Navigation Prototype.

There are currently two versions of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.  There is:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Accelerated
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer AcceleratedThe Accelerated version provides unlimited scalability of in memory processing for data regardless of size and is really the way to go.  It requires the use of SAP’s Netweaver BW 7, BWA Blades and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Blades.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (non-Accelerated) – Organizations can use the non-accelerated version, but there are limitations to the amount of data SAP BusinessObjects Explorer non-Accelerated can handle.  In 2010, SAP BusinessObjects will be bringing a “BWA Blades for non-SAP data” to the market, which will overcome the existing limitations.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer breaks new ground with the way it brings together:

  • Fast Performance
  • Unlimited Data
  • Intuitive User Experience

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Demo Site

A great example of the solution is represented my the demo site.  Click below and take it for a test run.

Incredible Data Volumes

The microfinance website does a great job of showing you the intuitive user interface while and the same time demonstrating the large data volumes that can be processes.  This demo site is running a relatively small data sample of 27 million records, but look at the response time!

That’s fast!  0.016s to return a result set of 1,123,000 records.  Also what I love about SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is that I am able to see the desired metric broken down by every  dimension member.  In the screenshot above you can see that of the selected sample, 498 are Existing Clients, 375 are New Clients and 250 are Former Clients.

I am fascinated by the growth of in memory solutions within the BI Marketplace.  Qliktech’s QlikView is probably one of the better know solutions in the space.  With Explorer, SAP BusinessObjects answers the call of the industry to provide in-memory solutions for organizations who have standardized on their platform.  The good news is that you no longer have to deploy niche solutions to get the type of in-memory performance many of your end-users would love.

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SAP BusinessObjects Demos on YouTube…

September 15th, 2009 No comments

I’m amazed at how easy it is to find information these days.  Today I decided to do a follow-up post based on my most recent WebIntelligence demo post.  After a little searching around and I found a number of demos that had been posted by David Collins Dixon onto Youtube.  David has written a number of books about the SAP Business Information Warehouse (or BW for short).

SAP Integration Demos

Here are the list of demos:

Crystal Reports Demo leveraging SAP Hierarchies (No AUDIO)

David does an especially nice job with the Crystal Reports demo and shows you how to use the Hierarchy Node so Crystal Reports can properly leverage your SAP Hierarchy definition.

Xcelsius Demos

There are also a couple of demos from the guys at Everything Xcelsius:

If you find any SAP BusinessObjects videos that you think others would benefit from, just add links to them in a posted comment.

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WebIntelligence Integration with SAP

September 14th, 2009 No comments

After attempting to move my blog off on Friday, I decided it was going to be more involved and I had a bit more testing to do before I was willing to make the final switch… but that’s another story.

So what do I have for you this week?  Well, I ran across a great demo by Ingo Hilgefort.  Ingo is a great resource.  He was one of the original folks that helped Crystal Decisions develop the SAP Integration Kit way back in the day and you can read more about him on his blog.  He’s what you would call the resident expert.  Last week a saw a demo that Ingo put together and I really liked it and wanted to share it here.

Watch the Demonstration

Excellent Overview of SAP BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence Integration:

You’ll see that he demonstrates some of the latest fold/unfold capabilities that come with BusinessObjects XI 3.1 SP2. Do recognize that is is NOT a replacement for the upcoming Pioneer release. I recently spoke with a customer who didn’t like the fact that the WebIntelligence document had to be in a specific layout/format in order to leverage fold/unfold. REMEMBER! WebIntelligence is an adhoc reporting solution that allows you to easily create formatted reports. It’s not targeted for power analysts. Pioneer is coming… in the meantime you’ll still need to use BEx Web Analyzer for that that power analyst group.

SAP BusinessObjects Roadmap for WebIntelligence

NOTE: for the latest roadmap updates on the SAP BusinessObjects Product Integration go to

Download the PPT

Here is a download of his powerpoint presentation in PDF format:

Note the slides that explain how the items for the BEx Query panel are translated to objects within the Universe.  It’s important to understand what objects will be exposed to the adhoc user as the build the report and which objects, e.g. characteristic restrictions, won’t be.

Make sure as well you get your hands on the SAP BusinessObjects Best Practices Guide as well.

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Harbor Tour Demonstration

August 26th, 2009 No comments

If your like me sometimes you want to skip all the marketing hype and just see a demo.  Here is a nice demonstration of the core features of the SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.0 product suite.  If you do not use BusinessObjects today or are evaluating Business Intelligence solutions, you can use this demonstration as a way of helping you set your expectations of what is available from Business Intelligence solutions today.

Having a Look Around

This Harbor Tour (or Harbour Tour for an Canadian friends) is a quick way to get familiar with SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.0.  If you are already using BusinessObjects XIr2 and want to see the new features in XI 3.0, these new features can be accessed in the section, What’s New in BusinessObjects XI 3.0.  You can also download a PDF of new features here.  Let me know your thoughts about the demo.

BusinessObjects XI 3.0 Overview Demo


Here are some of the quick highlights of the BusinessObjects XI 3.0 platform that you might not already be familiar with.

  • New look and feel user interface that supports copy & paste
  • Single Platform for all reporting
  • Integration between Xcelsius and Crystal Reports
  • Improved Crystal Reports Viewer
  • Online and Offline Adhoc Analysis
  • Full Lifecycle Management

Evaluating Business Intelligence Solutions

When evaluating BI Solutions, you need to determine what the true business needs are and how you will be using Business Intelligence to solve true business issues.  Can the solution deliver results?  If you are part of IT, your tendency might be to shield the vendors from your business users.  If you do, you are making a mistake.  Check out my previous post about treating your BI Vendor as a Strategic Partner.  Does your Business Intelligence vendor want to partner with you or sell you on the coolest gadget?

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