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Virtualizing SAP BusinessObjects BI 4

June 18th, 2013 1 comment

Last year I wrote a quick article about Virtualization support for BusinessObjects.

Since that time, SAP has been doing a lot of testing and refinement to guidelines regarding virtualizing your BI 4 environment.

Originally only advertised to a handful of attendees at Sapphire the link has had over 1,000 views per month.

This is the official guidance you should be pointing all customers, partners and employees to when it comes to BI 4 virtualization.  This document can be used by your BI team to make sure and negotiate the right sized infrastructure from your IT team for a large scale move to BI 4.  Don’t get caught short.

Ashish Morzaria has done a great job and putting everything together in one place.   He’s collected feedback from actual customers together with performance tests that have been run internally at SAP.  All this information is put together in a 42 page everything-you-need-to-know whitepaper on VMWare ESXi 5:

Check it out!

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How to Get Your Picture to Appear in Google Search Results

March 11th, 2013 2 comments

One of the things I love about the BusinessObjects Analytics community is the camaraderie and fun we enjoy as we help organizations improve through the use of Analytics.  Whenever I need an answer, I can quickly google search and between BOB, SCN, and my tweeps I can often find what I’m looking for.  During a recent search I came across this!

How cool was that?  Not only was this a post from a fellow BOBJ blogger, but there was his picture next to it!  Forget Mick Jagger, I want to be cool like Dallas!

Of course it’s also true that case studies have shown signs that these enhanced results dramatically improving click-through-rates of up to +150%, which in return can result in an influx of both visitors and page views.  You don’t have to be an analytics genius to understand the value of 150% more traffic!

There are four easy steps for setting up your blog so that your picture appears next to the Google results.


Step 1 – Create a Google+ Profile

I really didn’t want to do this.  I already have a Gravatar.  Isn’t that enough?  Nope.  (I tested it.)  You must use Google+.

  1. Add a photo to your Google+ Profile
  2. Modify your profile and add Contributor To and reference your own blog.

Step 2 – Add Authorship Markup Code

The next step is in the header of your page, you need to include the authorship markup code.  NOTE:  I was also able to get this working by placing is in the body of my page.

Insert the following link into the head section of your websites code:

<a rel="author" href=""/>

Replace the red number with your Google+ profile ID.  Google uses this number in combination with the Contributor To information listed in Step 1 to determine a positive match.

Some WordPress bloggers have also used the Yoast SEO plugin to quickly go in and modify their “Titles and Metas”.  It has a section where you can specify the Author metadata.

If you are interested in more details about setting this up I found this post particularly helpful:

Step 3 – Test A Few Blog Pages

Now you will want to test that it’s working and fortunately Google gives us a way to do that.  Use the rich snippet testing tool. After you type in any blog post URL,  Google will tell you if the authorship markup code is working. If it’s working, you’ll see something like this:

Step 4 – Check Your Blog Using Google Search

Patience is a virtue that carries a lot of wait.

From time to time go in and perform a Google search that will return results from your blog.  Your picture should show up within a few weeks.

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Visual Intelligence – Resolving Start Up Issues

January 10th, 2013 No comments

Enjoying Visual Intelligence?  I am.  Unfortunately however every once in a while something will go wrong.  Most of the time stopping and restarting Visual Intelligence will fix the problem but sometimes not.

One error I received recently was:  Open document failed / The engine failed to start before timeout.  Restart the application.  (HDB 10005)

Open document failed / The engine failed to start before timeout. Restart the application. (HDB 10005)

Here is a quick article about this topic from SCN about this error:

Here is an SAP note which also has additional details:

These articles provide good information but didn’t solve my problem.

Sybase IQ Hiccups

As you probably already know that Visual Intelligence leverages an embedded Sybase IQ engine for data manipulation.

Here you can see both SAPVisualIntelligence.exe and the embedded Sybase engine, iqsrv15.exe, listed in the task manager.

… and sometimes there are problems.  I’ve found that assuming it ‘normally’ works okay (install was correct) and nothing else on your PC has changed (software/firewall conflicts), then it’s a memory issue.  Remember 8 Gig is recommended for this application.  (4 Gig minimum)

The problem is that sometimes when the Sybase Engine hiccups, it may continue to run in the background and make it impossible for Visual Intelligence to start-up again.

Resolving Issues with iqsrv15.exe

Here is what you need to do:

  1. After you shutdown Visual Intelligence, make sure that iqsrv15.exe is not still running.  You can kill the process via task manager if necessary.
  2. Delete the DataBase directory where Hilo.db is stored
  3. Restart application and it will recreate.
You will find the DataBase directory in your working directory.  By default this is located here:
C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalSAPSAP Visual Intelligence

Location of local Visual Intelligence Database

Hope that helps!

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Take Advantage of Conference Replays!

May 11th, 2012 No comments

With everyone gearing up for SapphireNow in Orlando I’d like to remind everyone to take advantage of the many conference replays that are available on varying SAP Websites.

Influencer Summit

Simply login using your login.

This event wasn’t that long ago, December 13-14, 2011.  There is some great content here.  I especially liked the customer testimonials given in Analytics: Systems of Engagement & Customer Showcase.  Steve ribs Howard Dresner about coining the term Business Intelligence.

Keynote from BI 2012

Signing up for a login to the Insider Learning Network is free, so enjoy!

BusinessObjects User Group 2011

Click on the 2011 Ondemand Videos and you’ll find about 92 videos from the conference, unfortunately a lot of the ASUG News slots are mini-advertisements for the sessions.  They do however provide some of the highlights of what was discussed which is still valuable.  You can also access SESSION PROCEEDINGS and download the powerpoint presentations that were provided by the speakers.  Note that there are a lot of sessions listed here, so use the left hand navigation to select the correct BOUC session.

Although this website has an amazing look and the video quality is spectacular, the navigation is a little less obvious.  To search the recorded sessions, open the SEARCH on the left hand side.

SapphireNow 2010/2011

There are nearly 600 recorded sessions on offer for you!  If you can’t remember what was talked about last year or if you simply want to review what you heard, this is a great resource.  This website combines sessions from 2010 and 2011 and I’m sure will soon host all the sessions from 2012.  Using the Year filter on the left, you can select only the sessions from a specific year.

Note that SapphireNow Madrid should also be available:, but the website appears to be down at the minute.


For all the technical content you want, check out this TechEd Website.  Note that some of the content in the Archive is dated, so you’ll probably want to stay with the videos under the Content and Lectures sections.

You may also find some additional TechEd content on SCN:

TechEd Beijing

The teched website above didn’t include content from Beijing, so you can find that separately.  The video highlights from Beijing only include the following ‘english’ keynotes from:  Vishal Sikka, Bill McDermott, Hasso Plattner.

SAP for Utilities

Unfortunately here you’re only able to see a sample of 6 videos.  I also provided a link to the keynote session by Steve Lucas here, which is excellent.  If you are a Utility I recommend you check it out:

Bottom Line

SAP hosts some great events, but budgets are tight and you can’t always attend all the events that you’d like in order to keep up with ongoing education.  Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these free resources.

Learning never exhausts the mind.   Leonardo da Vinci

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FREE SAP BusinessObjects Tutorials and Training

February 20th, 2012 5 comments

New to the SAP BI Product Suite?  Looking for free training?  You’ve come to the right place.  SAP provides a large number of free videos and tutorials for all aspects of the BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite.

Here is a link for you to commit to memory…

Here you will find several getting started tutorials for end-users.  It’s a great way to get familiar with some of the basic capabilities of the BI Suite, so if you’re helping new users learn about BusinessObjects, this is a great site to leverage.

For products that are not completely new, there are What’s New overview tutorials and individuals tutorials for new features.

There is also some comparison tutorials including:

Subscribing to New Content

If you are one of those folks who always wants to have a look at the latest and greatest learning content, I recommend you subscribe to the eLearning channel.

RSS Feed for eLearning:

Or if you prefer, you can follow the BI Suite eLearning on twitter:  @SAP_learn_BI


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